We have founded OBG under the three pillars of language support, travel support and vocational support. Globalization has progressed rapidly. In order to create new business models, elements of corporate life like seniority and life-long employment have had to change considerably. Because of this, businessmen from common companies have been encouraged to develop their skills and professional knowledge. Globalization has leveled the playing field.

Since everyone can now play a part in the global market, the cornerstone of a successful organization should be a strong individual. Now, Japan is known worldwide for its stable economy, safety, strong education system and its political stability. Before the ultimate goal of life was for the individual to obtain money and status, now many people think it’s more important to find their niche in life. These inherent possibilities and potentialities are what give us the power to live. Autonomy and self-realization are the greatest means of finding purpose and joy in life.

To be a strong member of the global society who is able to respond and act globally, just being able to simply speak English as a common language is no longer enough. The parts beyond language skills, like communication skills, thinking skills and emotional expressiveness are the elements that make and enable human society to exist.

Our mission is to increase the human resources of the world. Since a company is made up of individuals, creating a strong individual is the first step in creating a strong company. By providing services aimed at creating strong individuals, we will continue to aid in the making of strong companies that can be leaders in the global market.

OBG Mission Statement

Support individuals become self-actualized by fulfilling your potentiality

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