Linguistic Support

English Courses

We offer a wide variety of English courses designed to enhance our student’s communicative ability.

Our General Business Communication Course is designed to help students learn Basic English conversation strategies and how they can be used in business settings. This course is designed to give the students a broad understanding of English grammar, a wide variety of business vocabulary and a strong command of both written and spoken English.

In our Business Writing course, students learn to compose various business correspondences in English. In addition to learning grammar and vocabulary, students learn the different writing formats necessary for conducting business in English.

Our Business Presentation Course focuses on speaking and writing skills, both of which are essential to giving presentations in English. Students learn how to structure their material, both search for and present supporting materials, verbally deliver the presentation and answer any subsequent questions.

Our TOEIC/TOEFL Preparatory Course provides students with the skills and strategies to improve their test taking ability.

We also offer a variety of Supplementary Courses specifically designed to strengthen the social aspects of communicating in English.

Our Cultural Flexibility Course enables students to function in situations in which they feel out of place. This course is designed to both teach students to adapt to situations they find strange and to help other people who feel out of place. Our Assertive Communication Course teaches students to communicate in an assertive manner. It enables the students to realize how the phrases they use create the impression of assertiveness. It teaches such valuable techniques as initiating relationships and resolving conflicts.

Our Humor Course teaches the student how humor is used in Western society and how it can be used to strengthen relationships and motivate employees. It also enables the student to present Japanese humor to foreigners.

Our Slang Course not only teaches students common slang expressions used in business, but it teaches how to interpret slang. It teaches how the meaning of slang expressions can often be guessed.

Our Current Events Course teaches the student to both ask about and talk about current events. It uses discussions based on the news to strengthen the student’s communicative ability.

Our Drinking Etiquette class teaches the specialized vocabulary that often comes with ordering drinks. It teaches aspects of drinking culture and how they affect the business world. Periodically, these classes will be conducted in local bars and pubs.

Our Hospitality Course gives the student the language skills to entertain clients and enables the student to explain aspects of Japanese to foreign visitors.

Our Popular Culture Appreciation Course uses popular media as a means to reinforce the students listening ability. This lesson also reinforces their ability to understand slang and foreign culture in general. Periodically, these lessons will be conducted in movie theaters.

English Consultation

Our English Consultation service is designed to give both small local business and large business enterprises the language assistance they need to succeed in today’s global society. These monthly support packages are ideal for companies who need English assistance yet don’t have the staff to deal with those needs. We offer three levels of monthly support.

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